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Thank you for visiting my site. Please enjoy my work which is displayed in this site, blog, FB and Instagram. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me to photograph for you or simply enjoy the images. Have a wonderful day!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.So let me share with you what I see
and we can see it together
. ~ Sharyn Peavey

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I thoroughly enjoy the process of making images. I like the coming together of faces, expressions and light through the lens with choice selection of aperture and shutterspeeds. Sometimes there is taking an image, but most often for me it is making an image. I have been using the camera photographing people since a teen. Each year I see more and learn more. Photography is evolving rapidly and with the incredible technology most of us carry around daily and can photograph with, photography is being pushed and is the best it ever has been. I see the evolotion of the camera phone likened to that of what the invention of the camera did for painters in the early 20th century. No longer were they confined to realism but expressionism began. Artists could express so much more than a story in a realistic way. Like that, what people want in portraitrue is more often above and beyond a literal documentation of what their child looks like at age 8, or their daughter in their wedding gown. Yes we need that. Yes it needs to look of good quality, but what there is to create in an image is so much more, and now I find poeple want that more than ever. Thank goodness! I have wanted this to be more the industry standard for years. And now it is. People's need for images to be more than a literal documentation works well for me as an artist because I have never wanted to do what I call catalog portraiture. If I wanted to shoot catalogs I suppose I could shoot for LL BEANS. But I do not really want that kind of work. I enjoy meeting people, discovering who they are and letting each shoot be unique to itself. If you are are interested in this kind of imagery for yourself or loved ones, you have come to the right place. I have always believed that everyone can have and is deserving a beautiful picture of themselves, and to do that, yourself has to be present in the picture. Not lost in photoshopping or cookie cutter posing. This technology combined with Classic photography elements are waht inspire me when I shoot.

I have shot in many beautiful places this past year. I have photographed weddings in Camden, Maine, at the ampitheater, the Camden Harbor Inn, the Yacht Club. I have shot at Point Lookout in LInclonville ME, Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, my favorite, the Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport Island near Bar Harbor. I have shot at the Crane Estate in Ispwich MA, the Castleton Banquet Ctr in Windham New Hampshire, The BlackPoint Inn in Scarborough Maine, Eastman Hill Farm Lovell, ME and a gorgeous new property Shady Lane Farm in New Gloucestor Maine. I have worked with wonderful vendors such as Andrea's Bridals, Headgames Hair and Salon, Envy Hair, Kimberly Doll Hair, Dandelion Catering, Black Tie Catering, Emily Carter Floral Designs, Sash Coutoure, A Family Affair Event Design and many more.

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